I Clean My Sea Web Application

I see floating plastics, I take a picture of it with the App ... the job is done !

The benefits for you ?

You think the problem is too big and that you can't do anything to change it ?

  • The best remedy to fatalism isACTION !
  • Become an actor of the fight against the invasion of plastics in our Oceans
  • You won't be of those who talk ... but with those who act
  • You will discover coastal currents by following the forecasted track of the trash YOU will detect.
  • You will participate to the creation of jobs by helping our social and solidary firm in its' developpement.
  • You will be happy and proud to shout out loud "I CLEAN MY SEA” !

The steps are extremly simple and its all FREE.

To thank you for your detections we want to send you gifts ... we are looking for partners !

And if we still haven't convinced you of joining in ...

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