Big Numbers :

8 Million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans every year
75% of trash in the oceans are plastics
80% of marine trash transit through the coastal environment
5 000 Billion particles are floating at the surface of the Oceans


Affected Economy

13 Billion $ per year : it is the cost induced by the marine plastic pollution.
Concerned economic sectors :

Collecte de filet à la derive

Degraded quality of life

In 2025, 3/4 of mankind will be living closer than 60 km from the coast. (UNESCO, 2012)
Plastics represent a degradation of the living conditions for the coastal inhabitants.

Chien au milieu de plastiques

Threatened health

Plastics are in our plates as microplastics when we eat seafood !
Toxic substances qui s’agrègent aux plastiques entrent dans la chaîne alimentaire ... jusque dans la chair des poissons que nous consommons.



Amputated biodiversity

1400 species are impacted.
100 000 marine mammals are killed each year.
94% of birds in the North sea have plastic pieces in their stomachs.
86% of marine turtles eat plastics.
39% of meso-pelagic fishes (between 200 and 1000m depth) have plastics in their stomachs.

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